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For those who worry about our precious leader Onyu, fear no more! As the sources were reporting earlier today, fans all over the world went on a scavenger hunt in which they’ve been trying to find Jinki. As you can see on the pictures submitted by the luckiest fans our lonely boy is doing pretty well!
For those who thought Onew won’t be attending tomorrow’s MuBank In Paris, we have nice surprise cause as you can see on the 1st pic, Onew was spotted at the airport waiting for his last-minute flight to France (insider told us our clumsy leader forgot his passport at home and had to catch later fight, silly goose). 
Other photos show him paying a visit on the set of MBLAQ’s new show Hello Baby, dining at the restaurant, hanging out with Ronald McDonald, having fun at the playground, [and if I haven’t seen a pic, I wouldn’t believe it myself] watching Lakers game with no one else but Zac Efron and Adam Levine himself! 
So cheer up everyone and stay tuned for more news!

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